Magneto Font Family

The Magneto Font Family is a design by characteristics of dedication and great type of hard work. Calligraphic work has perfectly been done on this display font.

Process displays,  I desired to attract a current, uncluttered sans serif own family with classical proportions, unashamedly English however with fewer idiosyncrasies than its influential forerunners.

Job regarded to the archetypal London underground typeface drawn by means of Edward Johnston in the early 20th century. He also studied eric Sans Serif layout – particularly its open counters and feature vertical terminals – to set up the general disposition of camphor.

Magneto Font Family

The design additionally owes some of its foundation to EU sans serif typefaces typified with the aid of the designs of Adrian Frutiger. Process says, “camphor is appreciably narrower than Johnston’s typeface.

This font family adds perfection to your titles as well as to your design of ebook and PDF covers.

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