Got Milk Font

Got milk font is one of the maximum successful advertising campaigns when you consider that 90s. You could download very similar fonts as used in this advert on this web page.

Because the phrase suggests the primary intention of the campaign was to boom cow’s milk intake. The font which became used to right the trap phrase is a very elegant and narrow sans-serif called phenix American.

However, you do not always need to pay. There are typefaces which might be very close to phenix American and may be downloaded free of charge. Have a look at the flowing determine which suggests “were given milk?” unique advert alongside the same phrase with similar fonts: Got milk font.

Got Milk Font

Cgphenixamerican is a version of phenix American that’s broad to be had online without cost. The characters used in the ad are essentially equal, so in case you need effects very close to the original download this free font from the lowest of this page.

Borzoi is some other sans-serif very close to phenix American. The spacing among the characters is less than it though. The institution can fit inside the same class of typefaces, but as you could see does no longer precisely healthy the “were given milk?” word.

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