Cthulhu Runes Font

Introducing Cthulhu runes font. This is a superb display font. Many designers like this fort for developing trademarks, and covers.

This detailed sans serif font looks like amazone font loved ones comes with the common variant within the condensed font, but it surely has two additional widths including slender and compressed.

The new weights keep correct to the fashion and style of it with the acquainted tender strains, stylish shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness and simple warmness which make it uniformly correct for the online, print, commerce, and artwork.

Cthulhu Runes Font Features

This remarkable font also contains the quality of moon typeface and its family comes with forty-five designated styles which a tremendous amount. One of the vital patterns have contained 1216 glyphs and one of the most patterns have 2599 glyphs. Whilst each and every one of the patterns has 652 number of characters.

Possessing the OpenType (OTF) and TrueType (TTF)formats it’s offering too much easy and clear text types. The characters of this dazzling typeface show common highlights and bold comprehensibility. As you will see in pics we inserted in right here. Each and every stroke communicate the working expertise of the designer on it.


This font can be used for printing purposes, special routine cards, brochure layouts, banners designs, and lots of others as well.

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