Fiolex Girls Font Family

The Fiolex Girls Font Family creation was a tremendous journey. Two professional font designer hybrid their designs to create this perfect and amazing basic sans serif font.

The first siblings of the own free font family were designed in 2007 as a branding typeface for Jim Ford’s band. The band becomes called “Duchamp,” and ford designed the face to the mirror. The spirit of the artist’s work from the outlet a long time of the 20th century.

Bones of the layout can be visible in the future and Gill sans typefaces. The fledging circle of relatives changed into used for posters, album covers, and other branded fabric.

Fiolex Girls Font Family

Gradually overtime-touchy stylistic units grew into the whole posttrauma family. As it neared crowning glory, some other monotype kind designer, Karl Leuthold, collaborated with ford to finish the suite of designs.

This font has all the qualities to be a perfect Basic and stylish font for everyone use. So download this free font now.


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