AR Julian Font

Hello Everyone! As you know there are many sorts of fonts. There could be fonts you by no means knew existed. Different types of fonts should wow you. We have brought another useful font for you.

Julien is a playful geometric display typeface loosely stimulated with the aid of the early twentieth-century avant-garde. It is based on elementary shapes and consists of more than one editions of each letter. The typeface that got here out of this exercise, is available in two weights, one very light, and one very darkish.

Each weight comes with three one of a kind patterns, spherical, rectangular and combined. The style name indicates the important shapes in the set. So you can choose the visual man or woman of your phrases accordingly.

AR Julian Font

Julien was designed for digital environments and includes numerous letter versions. It is scripted, but additionally customizable, which means that that you can overwrite the policies by placing your chosen shapes.


In the spirit of the avant-garde, Julien is unicase only, (mixed higher case and decrease case letterforms), combining the shapes that healthy collectively to create pleasant word shapes. Just click on the download button and enjoy working with the font. Leave your comments to let us know about your views.

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