Whitney Book Font

Whitney Book Font is a splendid typeface having the unique and clean texture. This font was originally designed and published by Hoefler & Frere Jones Typography. I must say nowadays everyone believes in a sentence, That is “Simpler is better” This font actually fulfill the whole line.

You may be a designer looking forward to the amazing texture font for your website. I guaranty you this is perfect. As you see in the image below, It has unique and a clean appearance. Which is excellent for better readability.

Now the question is that, where you can use this font. You can use it in web design project, graphic design undertakings, make a logo with it. Moreover, printing on the fashion pants along with this font is a not a bad idea.

Whitney Book Font

This TrueType font circle belong to sans-serif font family. Having numerous characters in it and having vast language support, I think this is what a basic designer looking for. So don’t be late and download it right now for your personal use for free.


Whitney Book Font

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