Vijaya Font Family

In contemporary utilization, with the advent of virtual typography, “font” is often synonymous with “typeface”. In both traditional typesetting and current usage, the word “font” refers back to the delivery mechanism of the typeface layout. In traditional typesetting, the font might be made from metal or wooden. These days, the font is a virtual record.

Vijaya font is in the main meant for use in showing Tamil text in files. The Tamil script is an abugida script this is used by Tamils and audio system in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and somewhere else to put in writing the Tamil language, as well as to put in writing the liturgical language Sanskrit, the usage of consonants and diacritics not represented within its alphabet.

Vijaya Font Family

It’s far an OpenType font, based on Unicode. Vijaya every day and ambitious have been evolved by means of modular infotech for Microsoft and first introduced in Windows 7. Those fonts have been designed and optimized for rendering in home windows, for use in consumer interfaces and on display reading. Every Vijaya font supports the Tamil script and additionally includes Latin glyphs.


This font can be used for showing Tamil text in files. You can easily use it in your web based projects. Do not forget to share your precious views about this font with us in comments.

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