TripAdvisor Logo Font

The TripAdvisor logo font appears to be a modified version of humanist 777 by using Adrian Frutiger

The 2 adjustments are quite telling of the designers’ intention:

A) the lowercase “v” is pointed. With the owl nostril being pointed,  the fashion designer desired to have a few visible repetitions in making the “v” factor as properly.

B) in conjunction with that identical vein, the dot of the lowercase “i” is round—modified from the unique font, which has it rectangular. Again, repetition of shapes. The eyes of the owl are circular.

As for why this font was selected, the purpose is clear and having angles and shapes which served the design nicely. It’s also no longer a font so common that each photo dressmaker will understand it right away—that’s critical for a large brand as it offers them a completely unique visible voice.

TripAdvisor Logo Font

The logotype artwork is created using the TripAdvisor logo. The closest font you can get for the TripAdvisor logo is Frutiger Roman font.


Trip Advisor is a descriptive name, the owl in the logo gives us positive emotional associations which add to the logo. This font is mostly used by web designers to create Logos. TripAdvisor Logo font is one of the most used fonts in movies posters, album covers etc around the world. You can download this font free in different formats like ttf, otf and in zip format.

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