Prompt Font

Prompt Font in Thai also means ready. Prompt is a Loopless Thai, gujrati and Sans Latin typeface. This simple and geometric Latin was once developed to work harmoniously with Loopless Thai that has broad percentage and airy bad area.

It’s compatible with any layout and it looks like trattatello font, Montserrat fonts. and conversation usage corresponding to magazines, newspapers, posters, and different print media.

Prompt Font Features

Formal loopless Thai typefaces are simplified from a conservative looped Thai so this simplification has to be achieved competently with a purpose to keep the character.

Sizes and positions of vowels and tone marks need to be managed carefully given that looks kanit they are all crucial to readability, legibility, and overall textures.

On the other hand, this unique font looks similar to kruti dev can also use for developing purposes including game developing and software developing.

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