Napo Font Family

Introducing an Egyptian typeface made for titles and texts. This font provides the best combination of slab serif, small x-height, and semi-condensed proportions. Introducing Napo Font! It’s basic and elegant weight make it useful for every graphics need.

It’s important to choose a right font according to your work requirements. Every designer has to choose a font carefully to fulfill the work needs. We feel happy to share new and amazing fonts for you so that you can use them for your projects.

Napo Font Family

Napo is a typeface family created by means of isabella ahmadzadeh for her photograph layout thesis. It’s miles a slab serif font that she developed in primary weights (everyday & bold) and for which she created a partner sans serif, leon ordinary. The family was then prolonged through zetafonts to encompass four weights and italic versions for both napo & leon.

These four weights are;

  • mild
  • regular
  • formidable
  • extra bold

DownloadNapo is a slab serif typeface designed for show and bodycopy use. It is available in four weights with italics and covers over forty languages the use of the latin alphabet. Leon is the partner sans-serif of napo.

You can use it for all types of projects whether they are web-based or desktop. It can be used in text files, headings and many more. So download and enjoy.

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