Mrs Eaves Ot Roman Font

Mrs. Eaves Ot roman font is a transitional serif typeface designed through Zuzana licko in 1996. It is a variation of Baskerville, designed in Birmingham, England within the 1750s. Mrs. Eaves adapts Baskerville for use in display contexts, which includes headings and ebook blurbs, through using a low x-height and quite a number unusual mixed characters or ligatures.

Stylistically, Mrs eave is a revival of the Baskerville typefaces cut for Baskerville with the aid of John reachable. Like Baskerville, it has a close to vertical strain, departing from the old fashion model. Figuring out characters, much like Baskerville’s kinds, are the lowercase g with its open lower counter and swash-like ear.

Mrs. Eaves Ot Roman Font

It is especially widely known for its variety of ligatures, ranging from the common to the fanciful and consisting of intertwined and swash designs. Ligatures in all versions of Mrs eaves encompass the standard fi, ffi, and fl ligatures, in addition to the traditional eighteenth-century ct and st ligatures and others with no historical precedent.

DownloadA simply ligatures version of this font is available in roman and italic. The OpenType layout fonts additionally contain all 213 ligatures. This font is available in different otf, ttf, and zip formats.

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