Metallica Font

Hey guys! Do you need a font with which you can make your text look cute and beautiful? Introducing Metallica font. This font can make your text look elegant and more attractive.

One of the maximum epic bands of all times—is Metallica. It is an American heavy metal band began in 1981 in l. A., California. The band currently includes the guitarist Kirk Hammett, the bassist Robert Trujillo, the drummer Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, the rhythm guitarist and vocalist.

The band has offered over a hundred million albums over the globe and has gained Grammy awards 9 times. The Metallica logo, as seen on the cover artwork in their 1986 single master of puppets, is many of the most remarkable emblems for rock bands.

Metallica Font

It’s far said that the unique Metallica logo became designed via James Hetfield. Within the logo, the start and ending letter was designed with long and sharp points, whilst the center letters have been designed with a solid and block appearance.

Moreover, in relation to this,  Metallica has inspired font templates that everybody will love, in particular to individuals who are enthusiasts.

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