Maszyna Royal Light Regular Font

Maszyna Royal Light Regular Font is an amazing decorative font that was designed by Barmee. This TrueType font includes 116 glyphs and 1000 units of this font are equal to 1 em.

Maszyna comes with a unique splendid and its own new texture. It is perfect for making prints, wedding cards, invitation cards, composing a comic book, or for making a logo design.

You may be looking for a font that has a unique layout which suites your client project of printing then this font is perfect for you. You can download it just now and make it useful in your project.

Maszyna Royal Light Regular Font

The designer of this font keeps one thing in mind while designing it. Which is quality. You may see the demo of it in the picture below and have an idea how your project looks like after using it. So don’t wait and click on the download link, Here you can have this typeface with just a single click.

DownloadMaszyna Royal Light Regular Font

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