Handel Gothic Font

Handel Gothic Font could be a geometric sans-serif type. The type was designed within the mid-1960s by Donald J. Handel, united nations agency worked for the graphic designer saul bass.

It was a companion type for the 1972 warner bros. Emblem and wordmark developed at saul bass’ studios. It had been additionally employed in the 1973 united airlines emblem developed by Bass.

Handel Gothic Font Features

It was a well-liked font looks like aga arabesque within the eighties because of its artistic movement style, and even these days is employed to suggest the future. It’s been employed in the credits of each star trek traveler and star trek, region nine.

Furthermore, because of the emblem for shut encounters of the third kind. The fine quality font is a light weight that has return solely within the std regular vogue at the side of the open kind options.


Alongside these highlights, it helps screen clarity qualities and similar to britannic bold but it has many styles. Due to its distinctive and trendy look. An enormous majority of designers are utilizing it in their varied comes.

If you are also a designer then don’t hesitate to use it in your ongoing projects. Don’t forget to share this awesome font with your friends and colleagues to help them out in finding this amazing font. And provide your feedback in the comment section about it.

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