Gujrati Saral-1 Font

Gujrati Saral-1 Font is a separate script of Brāhmī family, that is, a writing method relative to Devanāgarī and is used in a number of languages. Comparable to Gujarati, simply recollect that there is a variant of Sanskrit written in Devanāgarī, Kutchi, and Avestan.

This time period is used for both language and a writing method, but now not the alphabet seeing that this writing method is the abugida a segmental system.

Gujrati Saral-1 Font Features

The most effective thing about this amazing font that it looks like iskoola pota that includes many designs and each of the designs has its own unique way.

The main reason for creating this is to give an awesome touch to certain words in every kind of design. And to grow in the market very quickly.

Before going to share this startling font I must say Gujrati Saral fonts are perfect for making logos, posters, covers, Book designs, and many other textual undertakings.


If you are a designer and developer and you are looking for your Gujarati client for perfect font let me congratulate you,  so you are in the right place.

The great part of this elegant typeface is that it is also similar to break stones that have a public domain. That’s mean you don’t have to pay any penny for using it for commercial purposes.

For example, it can be used for the vast majority of projects like Book covers, Banner ads, Product packaging, Logo designs, and much more.

I hope this font will help you with your ongoing projects along with your previous ones and your clients would become more happy with your work.

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