Brush Script MT Font

Brush Script MT Font is a casual connecting script typeface that looks like liquid font designed in 1942 by means of Robert E. Smith for the American type founders (ATF). The face reveals an exuberant graphic stroke emulating the seem of handwritten written letters with an ink brush.

Lowercase letters are intentionally irregular to extra impact the look of handwritten text. The typeface used to be offered in 1942 and noticed close-immediate success with advertisers, shops, and in posters

Brush Script MT Font Features

Its popularity persevered via the 1950s and waned as the influence of the worldwide typographic form grew within the 1960s. The typeface is similar to foreland vintage but it has regained colossal popularity for its nostalgic association with the publish ww2 era.

The font contains regular, bold, italic and medium style. It has beautiful strokes that make your designs elegant and good looking

Together with dom informal and mistral, it is among the exceptional-identified casual script typefaces.


From the rationalist geometric designs that look like magneto font of the Bauhaus school, it gets its crispness and its meticulous planning. It includes a whole a complete range of styles: five weights, each and every and each and every in three distinct widths. Each collectively with the generally-now not noted associate italic.

This font has available most effective in single ordinary style with a hundred quantity of characters. In addition, it contains numerals, punctuation marks, and outstanding glyphs as well. You can use it in Autocad also.

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