Old London Font

We have a brand new Typeface font which is available for free. Introducing Old London Font. This is one of the gorgeous fonts for creating movie posters.

On the starting, called Imprint old Face, it’s a sturdy, amiable design with a tremendous x-top. Caslon-like nevertheless with extra regularity in its letterforms.

It was once commissioned by means of using the London publishers of Old London. A short-lived printing trade periodical published in the course of 1913.

Old London Font is a serif Truetype created through Monotype, on the whole, used for physique textual content material. It can be used to make your graphics more beautiful.

Old London Font

A “shadowed” or inline variant, with a reduce taken out of the letters, has been broadly launched with Microsoft application and is generally used, notably in laptop publishing, for mastheads and titles.

The imprint used to be once produced for the magazine (on a non-exotic groundwork) in 1912 by the use of the Monotype high-quality font organization as sequence one zero one for computerized composition on the Monotype caster.


Please let us know in the comments about the font do you guys like this new font or not, we will appreciate it.

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