BankGothic Bold Font

BankGothic Bold Font is an adorable hand painted brush script. Viva lovely includes script patterns (regular or b) and an all-caps font. Each script come in a primary or pro model.

Beautiful Truetype seasoned and viva beautiful seasoned b consist of OpenType alternates and commonplace ligatures. Attempt the alternates and ligatures to present your designs a realistic hand painted look.

This free font is stunning, and viva beautiful b encompass OpenType ligatures. The all-caps font is a basic model and pairs fantastically with any viva script.

BankGothic Bold Font

This brush script family works exceptionally for fashion, beauty merchandise, meals, apparel, and magazines. Viva lovely could also be used for the movie, tv, advertising and marketing, advertising and marketing and websites.


BankGothic Bold Font

Convey splendor on your designs with viva beautiful!

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