Postit Font

Hello to everyone, we are introducing today an amazing TrueType font Postit Font. This TrueType font is designed and created by the 3M font creators.

The squad is a humanist sans serif with semi-condensed proportions. Inspired by Adrian Frutiger’s perfectionist fashion this Basic is a harmonious breed of humanist history and modern-day simplicity.

The balanced characteristics, clean and legible silhouette and concurrently bright appearance of the squad make it ideal for any design reason. Together with localizations, tabular numerals, inferiors & superiors, numerators & denominators, fractions, discretionary ligatures, case sensitivity and so forth.

Postit Font

The figures are obtrusive it includes 18 patterns from thin to black; covers extended Latin, Cyrillic and greek with a span for extra than 130 languages; faultless capability and helping many Typeface features.

This fancy font is one the most beautiful font out here in the market. If you are a graphic designer then we highly recommend you to use this font.

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