Roboto Font Family

Roboto Font Family is a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface that looks like allura font loved ones developed by using google as the method font for its mobile working system android and launched in 2011 for android four. zero “ice cream sandwich”.

Google developed the font to be “today’s, yet approachable” and “emotional”. In 2014, Roboto used to be redesigned for android “lollipop”.

Roboto Font Family Features

Roboto has a twin nature. It has a mechanical skeleton and the forms are mostly geometric. While the font points friendly and open curves. It also contains some qualities of Helvetica fonts. It includes many styles like bold, italic, regular, medium, condensed and other beautiful styles.

While some grotesques distort their letterforms to drive an inflexible rhythm, Roboto doesn’t compromise, enabling letters to be settled into their average width. It is also similar to lato font and this makes for a more average studying rhythm more most commonly located in humanist and serif forms.

That is the general loved ones, which can be utilized alongside the Roboto condensed loved ones and the Roboto slab family.

Roboto Bold is the default font in unreal engine four, and in Kodi. Roboto condensed is used to display know-how on European models of Nintendo switch packaging, including physical releases of games.

Roboto is the default font on android, and given that 2013, different google services similar to google+, google play, youtube, google maps, and mobile google search.

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