Nike Font

Are you familiar with the famous Nike Brand? Nike is a sportswear and gadget corporation based totally in the USA. It is now the arena’s biggest provider of athletic shoes and garb as well as other sports device. The logo called “Nike” is said to be taken from Greek, which means the Greek goddess of Victory.

The Nike emblem also referred to as the “Swoosh”, changed into designed by means of an image scholar Carolyn Davidson in 1971. The font used for the “NIKE” lettering appearing above the swoosh is an italicized Impact, a sans serif typeface created via Geoffrey Lee in 1965.

The closest “Nike” font seems to be Futura Bold Condensed Oblique, with some manual tweaks, which include (however not only) tightened spacing and a few extra slanting applied in a photos program.

Nike Font

The brought slanting will motive the arm of the K to get pretty thinner and the leg to get thicker, as seen within the actual logo. Nike has almost finished its transition to Trade Gothic as the number one typeface for the brand. There are nonetheless a few regions of the website online using Futura Extra Bold Condensed, but by and large, it’s Trade Gothic Bold Condensed being used anywhere.

Download this extremely good font through a simple single click on and use it anywhere you want. We are offering it in a TTF script. But earlier than downloading have a brief study the photograph of characters attached. To see how your textual layout will look like.

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