Century Gothic Font

Looking for the perfect font to complete your project? Introducing Century Gothic Font Family! If you’re additionally looking for this lovely font circle of relatives then you are definitely on the right area. If you’re a fan of the use of the fashionable font for your graphics then apply this font.

It is strongly stimulated by means of the font Futura, although with a better x-height, and its design records also derives from separate typefaces meant as Futura competitors.

Century Gothic Font

You will frequently see the Century Gothic design broadly used in media titling, including on the television suggests “Star Trek: Enterprise” and in emblems for both the tv show “Weezer”, and the GMA Network. It changed into also used in the logo for the James Bond film “Casino Royale”.

DownloadCentury Gothic FontBecause of its clean smooth layout, the Century Gothic design can often be determined in at use in schools and while coaching languages. It is often used rather for the similar Futura typeface.

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