Abraham Lincoln Font

We are going to introduce you to a remarkable font named after United States Of America sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln Font is a super Sans Serif font for all. Frances MacLeod is the fashion designer of the Tall. Skinny. Honest. Loose font Abraham Lincoln: Inspired via the proportions of the 16th President of the USA, and classified ads/playbills of the 1800s.

Abraham Lincoln is a humanistic show face with slight evaluation and sturdy serifs. Frances MacLeod created this typeface to resolve steady search for a condensed serif. Mr. Lincoln is tall, thin, honest, and raised in Illinois.

It has become built primarily based on tough and rapid parameters. Derived through measuring and averaging some of popular 20th-century sans serif fonts.

Abraham Lincoln Font

This 3D font contains uppercase, lowercase, small caps, vintage fashion, and tabular numbers, in addition to a real italic for every weight; and calligraphic data designed to compose his poems.

Aware that there can be no such element as popular neutrality, this typeface explores how the absence of stylistic establishments can help the reader to engage with the content material of a text.

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