Umba Sans Font Family

Umba sans font family is a sans serif and show sans font circle of relatives. This typeface has thirty styles and becomes posted by way of Anita j├╝rgeleit. This font was created as a comfortable answer typeface for editorial, titling, and branding. The wide shaped curves show a new aesthetic appeal in a sudden exceptional manner. Enjoy umba and it helps you push your design up to the subsequent stage.

The undulate fashioned curves create a brand new exceedingly aesthetic enchantment in an unexpected way. Therefore this fulfills your company identification desires in addition to your editorial demands. 30 styles from thin to formidable and matching italics help you create a modern design. Separate styles for alternate and small caps styles will display up on your font menu, making sure which you live privy to the wide range of possibilities your new preferred typeface presents.

Umba Sans Font Family

This is the ambitious style of this circle of relatives. The cautiously shaped curves display a new excessive aesthetic enchantment in a sudden way. This sans-serif display font includes;

  • 583 glyphs
  • Fractions
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Antique style figures
  • Tabular figures
  • Stylistic Alternates

Consequently, this font fulfills the designer’s corporate layout wishes as well as editorial demands and pushes the design to extra fulfillment.This is a joyful solution typeface for editorial, titling, and branding.

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