Lineat Font

Introducing a modern elegant Fancy typeface that is similar to javanese text which been used by many designers for their different projects. Its name is Lineat Font.

This moderate Western typeface alongside its immense styling and thick letters is an incredible kit pack for different designing purposes. Wherever its printing or displaying. It is available for free download.

So, Have a look at the font lettering pictures we attach here it is perfect for all, typical or progressively specific designing projects. And you can easily understand how your design will look like in the future.

Lineat Font Features

Possessing the Truetype file formats, the Lineat has available only in the regular style. Along with a complete pack of punctuation marks, glyphs, ligatures, as well as currency signs. Looks like ribone logo, airy and radon fonts.

Furthermore, it is similar to certificate font contains up to 150 number of characters with many international language support. And this typeface contains a lot of features like the most attractive look, perfect style and easy to understand.

He will provide you a legal license and after that, you will be able to use it for commercial purposes. For example, logos, books covers, banners ads, brochure crafting, fabric printings, and so on.

So, We trust this man-kind font will assist you in making an extraordinary quality design. And makes a point to deliver an adaptable and very clear design to your clients.

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