Goudy Old Style Font Family

Today we have shared an elegant, yet exceptionally hardy, Goudy Old Style has in no way long gone out of style. Its resemblance to classic Italian typefaces is coincidental. This Old Style isn’t a variation of preceding letterforms.

Goudy Old Style (additionally called simply Goudy) is a vintage-fashion serif typeface at first created with the aid of Frederic W. Goudy for American Type Founders (ATF) in 1915.

With spherical curves and skinny strokes, It brings a touch gentle humanity to a document that would appear too austere in a greater workaday face.

Goudy Old Style Font Family

It is suitable for text and show programs, Goudy Old Style suits the historicist fashion of American printing in the early twentieth century, taking the notion from the printing of the Italian Renaissance without a specific historical model.

Eccentricities include the upward-curved ear on the g and the diamond shape of the dots of the i, j, and the factors observed in the length, colon and exclamation factor, and the sharply canted hyphen. The design is tremendously mild in color.

This could be a perfect font for graphics designers. This old-style font can be used to give an elegant look to the designs. This font family comes with 4 different styles. Download and enjoy working with this.

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