Sabon Font Family

Sabon Font Family a vintage-style serif typeface designed with the aid of the German-born typographer and designer Jan tschichold (1902–1974) within the length 1964–1967.

It was released together by the linotype, monotype, and Stempel type foundries in 1967. The layout of the roman is based totally on TrueType by Claude Garamond (c.1480–1561), especially a specimen published by means of the Frankfurt printer Konrad Berner.

The name refers to Jacques Sabon, who introduced Garamond’s Romans to Frankfurt, even though the typefaces that Sabon himself reduce towards the quiet of the sixteenth century have a faintly awkward fashion of their own.

Sabon Font Family

The purpose they have those tiny toes is sincerely due to stone carving. Again inside the days whilst human beings had to carve out latin letters in stone, the dressmaker would typically paint the letters they desired with a paintbrush.


Sabon Font Family

However, the stonemasons might carve it out from that painting. And that stone carving created these free font on the letters.


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