Monotype Corsiva Font

We are so happy to present a brand new unique font. Introducing Monotype Corsiva Font. This font is one of the best for creating Youtube thumbnails.

The ancestor of Bookman old form is Miller & Richard’s “old sort”, cut through Alexander Phemister. more often than not described as modernized historical variety.

It is a redesign of “actual historical-type” serif faces from the eighteenth century equivalent to Caslon. Like them, it has sloping high serifs and an avoidance of abrupt contrasts in stroke widths.

The scale down-case letters are really vast and the x-peak (peak of scale down-case letters) is relatively big.. widely resold and pirated, it became a regular typeface.

Monotype Corsiva Font

Helped to create a style of a huge range of unfastened revivals and variations of the Caslon design, obvious in the huge-spreading hands of the T and the sharp.

Arrow series on many letters. (Ronaldson old style with the aid of Alexander Kay (1884) was an additional, as was once Phemister’s own later Franklin, created after he had emigrated.


Monotype Corsiva Font

So, please guys let us know the feedback in the comments about this new font, we always read every comment below the post.

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