Lewis Classic Font

Lewis Classic Font is a sans serif font family that is very similar to cambria font, and ebrima. So, you can also use it for long text and short text paragraphs.

Lewis is a stencil typeface inspired by vintage sign painting. Lewis is designed for display use within printed publications as it has a high contrast of organic forms. Lewis consists of 3 styles; classic, display, and inline. Each style is based on the same skeleton but with a different personality

Lewis Classic Font Features

The classic style is a simple and elegant stencil typeface that looks like a rantox typeface which is also the original structure of lewis. The display style features intertwined flourish like parts and the last member of the family is the inline style which features subtle internal details.

Various kinds of designers as well as print designers, graphic designers are willing to figure with this font. This font is admittedly amazing and is incredibly abundant in fashionable because of its distinctive options.

This font is one in all the foremost dominant fonts for any advertising undertakings. I must say lewis classic fonts square measure good for creating logos, posters, covers, book styles, and plenty of different matter undertakings.

No matter during which coming up with field you’re operating with. This font family can assist you with each approach. I hope these fonts can assist you in your current beside the previous comes.

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