Kabel Font Family

Kabel font family is a sans-serif typeface designed by German dressmaker Rudolf Koch and released through the klingspor foundry from 1927 onwards. It belongs to the “geometric” style of sans-serifs, which turned into famous in Germany on the time of Kabel’s creation.

Primarily based loosely at the shape of the circle and straight traces, it despite the fact that applies a number of unusual layout decisions, such as a delicately low x-height (even though large in the bold weight), a tilted ‘e’ and irregularly angled terminals, to add delicacy and an irregularity suggesting stylish calligraphy, of which Koch became a professional. A diffusion of re-releases and digitizations have been created.

Linotype has two versions of Kabel in its library. It has a shorter x-top, with longer ascenders and descenders, making it a chunk truer to Koch’s authentic design than the second one model, itc kabel, which changed into designed by means of victor Caruso. This model, additionally recognized in the USA as cable, has a larger x-height, shorter ascenders and descenders, extra weights, and a diamond fashioned i-dot.

Kabel Font Family

The original release of Kabel font become in 4 weights:

  1. mild (released first),
  2. medium,
  3. bold
  4. heavy.

The latter has a redesigned shape to in shape the thicker strokes, with an enlarged x-top and more regularity, without the angled terminals of the lighter weights. Also released was an inline design, “Prisma”, a headline weight “Zeppelin”, and condensed weights.

DownloadKabel Font FamilyIt is used in the famous board game monopoly.This is the perfect font for designers to embed on the web, desktop and software projects.It can be used for decorating the classic design and advertising market.

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