Imprint MT Shadow Font

Looking for a free Sans Serif font? Today we got an awing free font for you. Introducing Imprint MT Shadow Font. This is best for creating logos, flyers, and banners.

Imprint MT Shadow holds a detailed location in the Monotype typeface library. It was once the primary typeface designed mainly for mechanical composition.

This is mainly commissioned by E. Jackson, E. Johnston, J. Mason and G. Meynell for a new periodical called the Imprint, which they have been planning.

Described later as a modified historic variety with a Caslon old face motif.” The extra archaic features of Caslon were dropped, the weight was once multiplied but certain old face traits were retained.

Imprint MT Shadow Font

The journal for which Imprint had been commissioned was quick lived but the typeface became general and broadly used for publication atmosphere. The Imprint font has influenced many later book face designs.

Some typefaces are mysterious, like this one—its origins are an enigma wrapped within a riddle, certainly. while its letterforms may be shrouded in secrecy, this design is sure to make an excellent addition to your typographic arsenal, so we recommend you go try it out.


Imprint MT Shadow Font

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