Humanist 777 Font

Humanist 777 Font is constructed upon the framework of the bourgeois, our famous geometric kind circle of relatives. As with the sans-serif bourgeois, slab’s letter forms are very well current in look and experience.

Echoing mid-century modernism in style, slab’s usual look is friendly and businesslike, greater fancy and expressive than bourgeois’s pared-down asceticism.

The slab-serif’s development and full of life uptake during the early-victorian-era business revolution, approach that we endow slab-serif faces with traits of durability, sturdiness and trustworthiness.

Humanist 777 Font

At the same time, we respect the slab-serif’s raison d’etre: they’re made to seize your attention. Bourgeois slab and slab condensed whilst mixed, offer 24 patterns applicable for textual content of a wide variety and sizes.


Humanist 777 Font

As with all of our fonts; bourgeois slab and slab condensed have been built from the floor up in TrueType, with each weight containing exchange characters to give your textual content a unique twist plus a complete complement of accented glyphs and ligatures.

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