Handel Gothic BT Font

Hey everyone! Sans-serif fonts are widely used by the designers to enhance the look of their designs. Today, We have brought a useful sans-serif font for multiple uses. Handel Gothic is a geometrical sans-serif typeface.

The typeface becomes designed within the mid-Sixties by way of Donald J. Handel (1936–2002), who labored for the photograph fashion designer Saul Bass. It becomes an associate typeface for the 1972 Warner Bros. Brand and wordmark evolved at Saul Bass’ studios. It was also used in the 1973 United Airlines emblem advanced by Bass.

When first released, Handel Gothic become an instant achievement. The typeface changed into originally allotted in film format by using FotoStar and was reissued in the Eighties by Robert Trogman.

Handel Gothic BT Font

It changed into a famous font inside the 1980s due to its futuristic layout, or even today is used to indicate the destiny; it has been used in the credit of both Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well as the logo for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

DownloadHandel Gothic BT FontHandel Gothic changed into extensively utilized for the quit credits on CBS’s The Price Is Right from 1972 to 1981. The Elsner+Flake, Linotype and URW++ versions use a curved leg on uppercase R (like that of Helvetica), a horizontal tail on the uppercase Q (like that of Univers), a curved decrease leg at the lowercase ok, and a trident-like lowercase w.

Download the font free from right here and use it for your ongoing or upcoming projects. The font is free for your personal use. We recommend buying the license for commercial use of the font. Share this font with others on social media.

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