Fjalla One Font

Fjalla One Font is a medium comparison show sans serif. Fjalla one has carefully adjusted to regulations of the screen. You can easily give a new shape to your numbers and letters by using this font.

This free font family is a whole transforming of proximal sans (1994). The authentic six fonts (three weights with italics) had been accelerated to 48 full-featured OpenType fonts.

There are 3 widths: Display, proximal nova condensed, and proximal nova extra condensed. Each width includes sixteen fonts—seven weights with matching italics.

Fjalla One Font

Stylistically, Fjalla One straddles the space between typefaces like Futura and classic script faces. If you are a professional graphic designer you can make your graphics more beautiful then you can use this clean ape typeface font family.

The end result is a basic hybrid combining humanistic proportions with a quite geometric look.

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