Bookman Old Style Font

Introducing Bookman Old Style Font. This is one of the most requested fonts on our website. Today we got this Sans Serif font free only for our website users.

Bookman Old Style Font has been used for each display typography. And for printing at small sizes corresponding to in trade printing. And not more regularly for physique text.

This typeface font promoting use it is especially associated with the photograph design of the Sixties and Nineteen Seventies when revivals of it have been very trendy.

Bookman developed from fonts known as historic style antique, which are daring derivatives of the “Modernised historical type” design created through Alexander Phemister across the 1850s for the Miller & Richard foundry.

Bookman Old Style Font

These have letterforms just like those of the eighteenth-century typeface Caslon. With an extra even an ordinary constitution, a huge and tall scale down-case, and little contrast in line width.

Bookman is far bolder than the normal Modernised old type, to which it was once meant to be a bold complement. Nearly to the factor of being a slab serif.


Bookman Old Style Font

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