Bleeding Cowboys Font

Bleeding Cowboys Font isn’t only a thinner version of scotch text wrapped in a higher assessment. Display sports shorter ascenders and descenders, a unique footprint, fantastic evaluation, and a more folded, calligraphic italics.

Show subtly oozes sophistication and gives an attractive, exhuberant companion to scotch text. Easy, crisp, rational, acquainted, modern… serifed. Positype scotch reaches again to records just sufficient to supply some thing heat and smooth at the eyes.

kind suite becomes drawn for specificity: textual content, display, and deck… all in three widths that now consist of condensed and compressed. Every specific, each inter-linked, every a part of the whole.

Bleeding Cowboys Font

Script textual content is obtainable in 6 weights with matching true italics. Drawn for the financial system and a smooth read, the circle of relatives is a workhorse for lengthy-passage text settings. Four sets of numerals, properly-proportioned small caps, and a plethora of extras round out each font.

Typeface deck rounds out the supplying by way of selecting to be specific to its offering. Deck utlitizes trends and proportions shared between textual content and show.

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