BankGothic Font Family

Introducing BankGothic Font Family. An amazing Typeface font which is perfect for creating ebook covers, headlines for the newspaper. This is the font designed by hard of many designers.

The free font family is a whole reworking of Proxima sans (1994). The unique six fonts (three weights with italics) had been accelerated to forty-eight complete-featured OpenType fonts.

There are three widths: Basic Font, Proxima Condensed because proximal nova greater condensed. Each width consists of 16 fonts—seven weights with matching italics.

BankGothic Font Family

Stylistically, Proxima Nova straddles the space between typefaces because like Futura and classic sans faces. The result is a hybrid combining humanistic proportions with a quite geometric appearance.


BankGothic Font Family

So what you guys are waiting for just get this font in one click. Also, let us know in the comments about the font, do you like it or not?

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