Ballade Font Family

A ballade is a form of medieval and renaissance French poetry in addition to the corresponding musical chanson form. It changed into one of the 3 formes fixes and one of the verse paperwork in France maximum typically set to song among the late 13th and the 15th centuries.

The ballade form typically includes 3 8-line stanzas, every with a regular metre and a particular rhyme scheme. The final line within the stanza is a refrain. Therefore, the stanzas are frequently accompanied with the aid of a 4-line concluding stanza typically addressed to a prince.

Ballade Font Family

This font was designed through paul renner and released by means of berthold in two weights, regular (1937) and halbfett (1938). There may be a sloppy freebie digitization of the halbfett by means of dieter steffmann (2002), adding contour and shadow styles. A proper digitization of both weights changed into made with the aid of Gerhard helzel in 2015.

This font is widely used by graphic designers to give a unique look to their projects. You can use this font in text files, invitations, and many other desktop or web based projects to give an impressive look to the work.

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