Andy Font

The Andy type originally referred to as Mead font maybe an immature vogue style by Steve Matteson and in hand by Monotype Imaging. This font looks likeĀ clean ape that incorporates a controlled naturalness feature that mixes informality and legibility required for long documents with handwriting type.

It’s also employed in the first Pokemon anime for constant shibboleth. The Andy Bold type is additionally used throughout the favored computer game Terraria and toy story.

Andy Font Features

The Truetype versions of this typeface are tuned to be extremely clear at low sizes, a top-quality level that’s referred to as adult male “Enhanced Screen Quality”, a term employed by the factory. Andy daring maybe a casual script supported the handwriting of Steve’s friend Andy Mead.

The Andy Bold type font looks similar to ink font additionally used for the Pokemon shibboleth Gotta catch ’em all! that is featured on the covers of Pokemon Red Version, Pokemon Blue Version. That conjointly uses Andy Bold for the subtitle Special Pikachu Edition, etc.


The main reason behind making this can be to allow associate degree awful bit too sure words in all kinds of style. And to grow within the market terribly quickly. Therefore, it permits being one in all the multi-useful sans serif font choices and presumably to enhance your style and appearance skillfully.

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