Americana Font

Hey designer! Today we have brought another useful font for you. You can use this font anywhere in your designs to give them a unique and attractive look. Americana became designed by means of typeface artist Richard Isbell in 1965.

The generous sorts of this typeface comprise massive internal spaces. Lines of text appearance light and ethereal and require beneficient line spacing. The excessive cross strokes and the open internal spaces make this font fantastically legible even in small and very small factor sizes.

The triangular serifs are a distinguishing feature of Americana. These first appeared inside the nineteenth century in France and stimulated through the traits in lithography, which allowed for freer forms. The bureaucracy was normal for commercial and show typefaces.

Americana Font

It changed into named “Americana” as a tribute to the on the time upcoming United States Bicentennial. The design features flared serifs, massive counters, huge letterforms and an unusually massive x-top for a serif typeface. It became a famous typeface of the Seventies so it certainly has an unfashionable sense to it, however greater of a fashionable and trendy retro than a tacky unfashionable.

DownloadAmericana FontYou are just a click away from downloading this font. So, grab this font for your ongoing or upcoming projects and enjoy working with it. Do not forget to share your precious views with us in comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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